Another One Bites the Dust

Posted on July 28, 2010


It’s official. Wowowee will finally be relegated to the dustbin of Philippine TV history. After several months of Willie Revillame’s absence, the five-year old noontime show will close its curtains this week. According to the official statement released by ABS-CBN Corporate Communication Department, the last airing date of Wowowee will be on Friday, July 30. It will be replaced by a new noontime show dubbed as “Pilipinas For The Win,” which will premier on Saturday, just a day after the demise of Wowowee.

When Willie Revillame went on a self-imposed sabbatical, Wowowee’s ratings plummeted. It can be recalled that the controversy all started when Willie demanded the dismissal of “The Buzz” segment host and radio commentator Jobert Sucaldito. It was over an issue of the latter’s negative comments about the popular TV host. When ABS-CBN refused to heed the arrogant demand, Willie asked to be released from his contract with the network.

It is ironic that despite the many controversies that Wowowee and its host have encountered, it remained to be top-rated both here and abroad. There were even occasional shows in different parts of the world wherein there are Filipino communities. Not even the tragic Ultra stampede and the tactless comments of Willie during Cory’s funeral were enough to capsize Wowowee.

Wowowee’s demise was a result of the clash between Jobert Sucaldito’s big mouth and Willie Revillame’s big head. Wowowee was a casualty of the ego war between two idiots.

I really do not mourn Wowowee’s passing because I am more of an “Eat Bulaga” loyalist. However, I am disappointed in the way ABS-CBN handled the situation. The network lacked the guts to discipline Willie. He should have been dismissed and permanently blacklisted by ABS-CBN a long time ago. Now, the network is again planning to give Willie a new show.

I understand that when it comes to TV programs, high ratings rule and real talent is merely secondary in importance but I hope that ABS-CBN consider producing better quality noontime programs and not just mindless game shows with mindless hosts. There is enough pollution in the air.

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