Clash of Ideals?

Posted on July 6, 2010


It is quite frustrating that barely a week has passed since President Noynoy Aquino was inaugurated many internal and trivial controversies among his supporters are already being feasted upon by the media. The bickering and factionalisms among P-Noy’s supporters actually started during the campaign. The Hyatt 10 is a distinct group and the Kamag-anak Inc. is another. Various factions within the Aquino camp are undermining the leadership and the supposed reformist stance of President Noynoy.

The latest rift among President Noynoy’s supporters was highlighted by the childish bickering between the comedian-activist, Juana Change (Mae Paner) and the presidential spokesman, Edwin Lacierda. Apparently, the squabble between the two is rooted in Mae Paner’s opinion in her Facebook account, criticizing the appointment of Butch Abad as secretary of the Department of Budget and Management and the appointment of some of his kins in key positions in P-Noy’s administration. Sec. Edwin Lacierda defended his friend’s appointment and retorted some off-tangent remarks in his own Facebook account. The word war between the two Aquino supporters (one is a volunteer while the other is an official member of the cabinet) was immediately picked up by the national media.

Secretary Lacierda should not have been too onion-skinned about the issue. He should be gentleman enough and apologize to Mae and to the public for being a prick. He is the one who is holding a high position in government. Hence, he should learn the virtues of patience and tolerance. He is the presidential spokesperson and he will always be in the front line of public “tomato pelting”. Whatever he say can potentially cause embarrassment to the Aquino administration.

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