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Posted on July 1, 2010


Just like many other Filipinos, I woke up today with renewed hope and sense of relief that the deminutive troll who occupied Malacanang for almost a decade finally stepped-down from the high office that she had stolen and corrupted. Her obvious reluctance and machinations to stay in power were very obvious from the start but thankfully the voice of the people prevailed against her selfish, evil schemes.

It does not matter if she has temporarily escaped justice, carrying her loots. It does not matter if she has managed to serpentine her way into the “respectable” den of vipers and crocodiles, otherwise known as the House of Representatives. She surely would be at home with fellow thieves. It does not matter if she continues her misguided, delusional ambition to become prime minister by plotting to change the fundamental law of the land. Of course, she has her good reasons — she intends to continue her economic programs, which include economic prosperity for herself and her cabal of leeches.

What really pissed me off today was the news of Gloria’s filing a resolution seeking to amend the constitution! This was truly a remarkable act of audacity shown by this bitch!

It is really expected that she would use her new position as legislator to harass the new administration. It is also possible that she could still mount serious challenge to President Noynoy through threats of impeachment and charter change. However, I hardly anticipated that she would file a “cha-cha” resolution this early.

It was only yesterday that President Noynoy, amid the atmosphere of national euphoria, formally took his oath of office. He was inaugurated as the 15th president with an overwhelming mandate. A mandate that represented the people’s clear disgust of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s crooked regime. As what Conrado de Quiros pointed out, the last election was an EDSA revolt in the guise of  an election.

All the formalities and ceremonies accorded to Gloria last June 30 were totally undeserved. The 21 gun salutes might as well been more appropriate if they used live ammos and aimed the guns at her!

Even if GMA’s schemes were unlikely to prosper, what really pissed me off was that she succeeded in ruining my festive mood today.

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