About the Birds and the Bees

Posted on June 27, 2010


According to the latest demographic estimate, there are now more than 92 million Filipinos. In a country where 40% of its citizens are living below poverty line with less than 100 pesos (2 USD) of income per day, over-population can really result to serious and multi-faceted problems. Health, education, food production, the environment, employment and shelter are all affected because of over-population. Although Philippine population is only about one-third of US population, Philippine population density is ten times greater with more than 300 persons per square kilometer. On the other hand, the per capita income of Filipinos is only one-twenty-sixth compared to Americans. This is about $1,745 per Filipino per year. This statistic, however, is misleading because the actual spread is not evenly distributed. It is comparable to a cake where only a few eat big slices while the rest eat the crumbs.

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