The Number 21

Posted on August 21, 2008


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For some conspiracy theorists and superstitious, the number 21 has special significance in the death of Ninoy Aquino. A less known fact about Marcos was that he was very superstitious that he could even be considered as an occultist. Aside from believing in destiny, he was also an ardent believer in numerology and amulets.

Marcos was particularly fond of the number seven and its multiples. He even commissioned furnitures in Malacanang with carved designs incorporating the number seven. On the other hand, there is a supposed pattern in the historic dates associated with Marcos. Two important dates are September 21, 1972 (Martial Law Declaration) and August 21, 1983 (Ninoy’s assassination). Marcos was also a combat intelligence officer of the 21st Infantry Division during World War II. For some, the number 21 is a clue on who masterminded the murder of Ninoy.

However, numerology is not an accepted evidence in court. I really do not believe in the numerology mumbo-jumbo. Even if Marcos was superstitious, he could not possibly conveniently chosen August 21 as an auspicious date to order the assassination. Even if Marcos was superstitious, he was not stupid.

Although Marcos had the motive, opportunity, and means to order the assassination of Ninoy, the murder was badly planned to have the credence of a Marcos murder signature. It was too obvious and stupid. Either the already dead Galman jumped while he shot Ninoy or he shot way over his head.

The number 21 might not really be connected to the murder of Ninoy but there are at least 21 questions that need to be answered to solve the 25-year old murder mystery.

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