Delayed Reaction

Posted on July 19, 2008


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It has been a month since the “re-organization” at the office. I was in a state of shock and perhaps mourning during the past one month. I really did not know how to properly react. I find it difficult to write about something which impact I did not fully digest.

I initially felt relieved from the daily drudgery of writing about monotonous topics required by my job. I felt relieved from the repetitive and meaningless routine that I had learned to tolerate for almost two years. The truth about it is that I will miss my coworkers more than my work. I will miss the breakfast and coffee break chats at the pantry. I will miss the occasional nonsensical Yahoo Messenger conferences. I will miss the idle afternoons. I will miss reading and clicking the daily-changing YM status messages of my colleagues.

Aside from the economic impact of the “re-organization” at the office, it also brought serious psychological wounds. Some had to relocate and become detached from their families and love ones. Meanwhile, the majority had to face the prospect of uncertain future.

We were like passengers and crew of a sinking ship who were forced to jump into a raging sea because the ship cannot anymore carry the weight. Although we were given “life jackets” they are still not enough for some of us to stay afloat long enough to find another ship to board. I know the company has to survive. However, in its act of self-preservation, it had to trim down its crew. In the process, it has not only taken away our livelihoods but also taken away a portion of our sanity.

The fog of uncertainty looms ahead. But I am still optimistic.  Starting all over again is difficult, especially if you are raising a family. However, I consider the present condition as an opportunity. It is an opportunity to rise above the situation and stop being a victim of circumstance. Global economic circumstances might be beyond my control but this does not necessarily mean that I should fall in despair.

Where do we go we from here? Well, perhaps the more appropriate statement would be: “LET’S START FROM HERE!”

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