Medical Tourism

Posted on May 23, 2008


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The Philippines is one of the best tourist destinations in South-East Asia. This is not just because of its historical places and natural marvels, but also because of its growing reputation as a medical tourism Mecca. From mere cosmetic or dermatological surgeries to major therapeutic surgeries, Philippine hospitals and clinics are offering world-class medical services. The quality of service and the level of clinical skills are at par with international standards but the real attraction to foreigners is the very low expenses that they will incur.

For a lesser expense compared to a major surgery in their home countries, foreigners can avail of medical services and also enjoy recuperating in paradise-like beaches or mountain retreats. For instance, a $50,000-dollar worth heart bypass surgery in the US will only cost about $6,000 dollars here in the Philippines.

For as low as one-tenth of the medical cost of what normally be charged in industrialized countries, such as the United States or Great Britain, Philippine medical cost is offered at the same level of clinical standards. Facilities in hospitals such as Saint Luke’s Hospital and Makati Medical Center are state-of-the art and comparable to some US-based hospitals. Philippine hospitals are equipped with modern facilities and staffed with highly-trained doctors.

The Philippines is not just an archipelago rich in natural resources, it is also rich in highly-skilled medical professionals who are globally competitive. The future of medical tourism here in our country looks bright. Someday, we might not anymore need to export our nurses and doctors. The Philippines will be a paradise not only for sightseers but also for those seeking medical treatment.

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