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Posted on December 20, 2007


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PLS…READ 12/19/07

To All PE 3 Students under Mr.__________ is announcing that there is no exam today. the exam should be happen before Final exam. only practicum and application exam every other meeting. so your pre-lim exam is ok. those who will not present there/their practicum pre-lim, I will give another chance when we meet next year January, 2008, hehehe. no seriously. That’s all folks. Happy vacation.
Merry Christmas

Happy New Year


P.E Instructor

The quoted block of texts above is a verbatim transcription of a hand-written announcement posted on a door of a classroom. I have omitted the name of the person involved for ethical reasons. However, the spelling, general format, punctuations and capitalizations are the same as the ones found in the original message. I am not a grammarian and I do not pretend to be an expert; however, the grammatical errors above are unforgivable, considering that the person who posted this message is supposedly a college instructor. He might be a P.E. instructor, but I think even P.E. majors are required to take basic English subjects in college.

We laugh at the linguistic awkwardness of celebrities such as Paquiao, Erap or Melanie Marquez, but their situations are understandable. These celebrities are not college instructors and most of them haven’t even finished high school. On the other hand, college teachers, even P.E. instructors, are expected to have good command of basic English.

Aside from the obvious “exam postponement” message of the quoted announcement above, what else does it tell us about the quality of education here in the Philippines?

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