Joma’s Struggle

Posted on August 31, 2007



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Communism is an obsolete ideology. The collapse of the Soviet Union is the tangible proof that communism does not work in the real world. It is surprising why intelligent people, like Jose Maria Sison, cannot grasp the futility of communism as an ideology. Perhaps Joma is just deluded or obsessed. Either way, Joma is incapable of accepting the lost cause of his ideology.

Thankfully, communism has not triumphed here in the Philippines. Joma would have been the self-styled Filipino Stalin or Mao if communism had been successful in taking power.

The recent arrest of Joma is good news for the victims that were murdered under Joma’s orders. Now, Joma can finally face justice and be held accountable for his crimes. Joma’s idealism and misguided patriotism can never justify his murderous acts.

Thankfully, Joma and his comrades-in-arms never took the helms of government. If Joma can commit multiple murder even when not holding state power, what more could he have done if he had the complete control of the state?

Joma must now prove his integrity as a leader. His many years of self-exile were more of a long-extended vacation, rather than a struggle. While his comrades in the mountains are being killed in battles and starved to death, he is enjoying an idyllic life that is more fitting for a retiree than a true leader of a supposed revolution. For many years, Joma was just an arm-chair leader with little inkling about the real armed struggle happening in the Philippine country sides.

Now Joma will face trial. Hopefully, Joma pay for all his atrocities.

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