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Posted on October 14, 2006


mayon volcano

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Have you heard about the pandaca pygmea or the Rhincodon typus? They are the smallest ang biggest fish in the world, respectively. Have you heard about the Mayon Volcano? It is a great geographical marvel, with its perfectly shaped cone, as if nature has molded it with her own hand! If you have heard of these natural wonders, then you must be familiar about my country. Yes, you have guessed it right! All of these can be found in the Philippines.

This is my first post and I intend to keep this as brief as possible. However, for my successive posts, I will be teling you more about the Phillipines — the archipelago of 7100 islands. Cultures and languags are more diverse than the number of islands in this country. Amazingly, inspite of this, Filipinos are readily identifiable as a distinct group of people.

The Filipino is trully an enigma in many different ways.

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